Reliable Quality

Rod seal / CR

Product introduction:


The CR seal was developed as the secondary seal in this system to ensure reliable sealing of thin oil films at low secondary pressures.  U652 material (polyurethane Shore D 58) is used combined with a new seal profile.

The contact pressure curve is automatically optimized under dynamic conditions.

  • - High static and dynamic leak tightness
  • - Low friction for reduced power loss
  • - High wear resistance for long service life
  • - Small groove
  • - Easy installation
  • - Optimum system element
  • - Available for any diameter from 8 to 2200 mm
Operation condition:

Pressure:         In tandem system: Up to 60 MPa

                        As an individual element: 25MPa

Velocity:          5 m/s with short strokes (<1 m) in tandem system

Temperature:  -45°C to +100°C

                        depending on O-Ring material