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Piston seal / DQB

Product introduction:


The DQB combines the benefits of a low-friction Centflon slipper seal with the high sealing characteristics of an elastomeric seal by incorporating a limited foot print

QUAD-RINGR Seal in the dynamic sealing face. This optimizes leakage control while minimizing friction.

The particular characteristics of the DQB are the special seal profile with a defined seal edge and the use of two O-Rings as energizing elements to optimize the

pressure profile and to reduce the force of attack at gas permeability.

  • - No stick-slip effect when starting for smooth operation
  • - Minimum static and dynamic friction coefficient for a minimum energy loss and operating temperature
  • - Suitable for non lubricating fluids depending on seal material for optimum design flexibility
  • - High wear resistance ensures long service life
  • - Suitable for most hydraulic fluids in relation with most modern hardware materials and surface finish
  • - Suitable for new environmentally safe hydraulic fluids
Operation condition:

Pressure:           Up to 80 MPa

Velocity:            Up to 15 m/s

Temperature:    -45°C to +200°C

                         depending on O-Ring material