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Product introduction:


SF is excellent in rotary, reciprocating and static applications, when there is a need to lock the seal in the groove.

The standard SF for rotary applications, SF is a single acting seal consisting of a U shaped jacket and a V-shaped corrosion resistant spring.

  • - Suitable for rotary, reciprocating and static applications
  • - Protects against mechanical torsion
  • - Low coefficient of friction
  • - Remains tight in groove even when subject to oscillating or helical movements
  • - Withstands rapid changes in temperature
  • - Excellent resistance to ageing
  • - Good scraping ability
Operation condition:

Pressure:         15 MPa ( dynamic )

                        25 MPa ( static )

 Velocity:         Up to 10 m/s ( Reciprocating )

                        2 m/s ( Rotation )

Temperature:  -100°C to +260°C