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Rod seal / CS

Product introduction:


The sealing mechanism of the CS is based on the hydrodynamic properties of the seal. The specially formed seal edge with a steep contact pressuregradient on the high pressure side and a shallow contactpressure gradient on the low pressure side ensures thatthe fluid film adhering to the piston rod is returned to the high pressure chamber on the return stroke of the rod. This prevents the micro-fluid layer, carried out of the high pressure chamber when the piston rod is extended, causing leaks.

  • - High static and dynamic sealing effect
  • - Low friction, high efficiency
  • - Stick-slip-free starting, no sticking
  • - High abrasion resistance, high operational reliability
  • - Wide range of application temperatures and high resistance to chemicals
  • - Simple installation without seal edge deformation
  • - Available for all diameters up to 2.600 mm
Operation condition:

Operating pressure:   up to 80 MPa

Speed:                        up to 15 m/s with reciprocating movements

Frequency:                 up to 5 Hz

Temperature:             -45°C to +200°C

                                  (depending on O-Ring material)