Reliable Quality


Product introduction:


The SV is a single-acting seal consisting of a U-shaped seal jacket and a V-shaped

corrosion resistant spring. The characteristic of the SV is the newly developed asymmetric seal profile, where the dynamic lip has an optimized short and heavy profile, offering reduced friction and long service life.

  • - Resistant to most fluids and chemicals
  • - Low coefficients of friction
  • - Stick-slip-free operating for precise control
  • - High abrasion resistance and dimensional stability
  • - Can handle rapid changes in temperature
  • - No contamination in contact with foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and medicinal fluids
  • - High temperature range
  • - Sterilisable
Operation condition:

Pressure:         Up to 45 MPa

Velocity:          Up to 15 m/s

Temperature:  -70°C to +260°C